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Sunday, February 03, 2002

Pop Idol...
Drew and I were in the pub celebrating Matthew's 31st birthday so we didn't watch Pop Idol last night. But it felt like we did. We got all the latest updates texted to us from Marky and David. We even did a bit of last minute canvassing in the pub ourselves for Will. In the end as expected Darius Danesh was kicked out. He sang Toploader's Liza Minnelli's "Dancin' in the Moonlight" and The Walker Brothers' "Make it Easy on Yourself", both songs chosen by the judges. Hosts Ant and Dec revealed the two finalists, William Young and Gareth Gates, had polled 39.8% and 39.3 % of the 5.8 million votes but did not say which had which. So it's closer than we'd thought. You can watch a clip from the boys here: Will and Gareth. But prepare to cringe at Gareth's "I want to help the homeless, the starving and the needy" bit. Will DEFINITELY gets my vote now.

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