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Saturday, June 16, 2001

The Simpsons on DVD...
Yippey! Fox are (after a few false starts) going to release all the Simpsons episodes on DVD. Out in the States first and then in the UK. The first Season, (with all 13 episodes), is coming out on 25th September (the day before my birthday - hint, hint), as a 3-disc boxed-set. OK, we're all seen them a zillion times but they still make me laugh and it'll be fun to see them all again from scratch.
Extras include:-
- scripts for every episode
- full audio commentaries for every episode
- cast and crew interviews
- several documentaries
- behind-the-scenes of the series material
- how the Simpsons came to be!
- plus, every single one of the original Tracy Ullman Show "Simpsons" shorts. (Approximately 40 x 5 minute shorts!)
Is this gonna be a DVD set to die for, or is it gonna be a DVD set to die for?

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