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Thursday, June 14, 2001

Keep your nails short, very short...
No, not a reference to fisting. Something much worse. Scientists have developed a new drugs test using nail clippings which could tell if people have 'abused' substances up to a year beforehand. Two teams of scientists, from Glasgow University and South Bank University in London, say nail clippings hold the key to testing for drug use. Finger nails can show if someone has used any drug, including cannabis, up to six months beforehand. Scientists grind down the nail into dust particles which are then tested for drugs present in the clippings.

Many American companies are increasing declaring themselves 'clean'. That means everyone in their company has had to pass an annual drugs and alcohol test. The company gets the 'clean' status if a certain percentage pass the test, they must also have a certain (low) ratio of non-smokers to non-smokers and run fitness programs for employees. Increasingly Federal Agencies and US Government Departments are only doing business with companies you can certify themselves 'clean'. Scary stuff. This may spread to the UK. I don't like the sound of this one little bit.

In unrelated news: I cut my toe nails and finger nails this morning and I drank a pint of milk on the way to work to help them grow faster.

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