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Friday, June 08, 2001

7. I have a fear of flying - TRUE...

What I hate about flying is the dropping. The heaving in your stomach when you start to descend. If we hit turbulence I start to panic. On a trip from San Diego to San Francisco we dropped a bit mid-air and I gasped; very, very loudly. I almost sucked in two whole rows of seats in front of me. It was so loud that everyone around me started laughing. I used to drink on planes to calm my nerves. Once on the way to Ibiza I got so drunk I had to be 'helped off the plane'. If we drive anywhere near an airport my heart rate goes up, I get sweaty palms and I become anxious - and it's getting worse as I get older. It's completely irrational I know but I guess that's the natural of the beast. I get the same fear if I get on a fairground ride or in mild swell at sea. I hate driving over fast bumps in the road, won't go on playground swings or even in fast lifts. I wish I could conquer this fear but I'm too afraid to face it. What a wuss, eh?

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