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Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Last Night...
It was so much fun last night. David, Ian and I met in Bar Code for a swifty and to check out the boys. Then a we moved on to the UK blogmeet in Wardour Street. It was interesting and I'd have liked to have stayed longer. Davo was looking sweet. I want to call him Dav-o (short 'a' like in Davros) but Ian corrects me to Dave-o (long 'a') - which is it? Being social butterflies we then fluttered on to the weekly Pop Quiz at the Retro Bar. We didn't do very well but we all had a great time. Singing, dancing, laughing, loving... Next week we're going to The Black Cap afterwards to celebrate our win (for we WILL win next week!) and to see Regina Fong. Any of you remember agreeing to that at the end of the night or were you all too stewed!

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