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Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Mattee and I were talking about initials the other day. He's just got some new ones to put after his name. I tend to keep mine well hidden. It put me in mind of my parents. Why? Because even in my late thirties I've never heard them swear. I've seen them get hot under the collar sure, be put in situations where a simple expletive would fit the bill perfectly but they've held their tongues. It's quite some record to not swear over such a long period. I myself have a blue mouth that casually Fs and Cs without much thought. The only time my parents have ever come close to swearing is to use two initials. It is two initials that for them is the ultimate insult, when all reason deserts them and they can't express themselves any other way. And what are those two initials? BF. Any idea what they mean?

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