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Thursday, June 07, 2001

Ananova / Big Brother f*ck up...
By accident Ananova the news agency who supply all the Big Brother gossip have revealed who voted for who in the BB house. Opps! They're not supposed to do that until after voting is over at 10pm. Ten minutes after the original release this arrived.

"Please disregard story headlined BIG BROTHER HOUSEMATES CAST THEIR VOTES sent out at 14.43 on June 7. This was sent out in error and should be deleted from your inbox immediately. Apologies for any inconvenience caused."

Too late. Orginal message reproduced in full below.

The Big Brother housemates have cast their votes in the General Election.
Helen backed Labour while Bubble chose the Liberal Democrats.
Dean chose to abstain.
Seven of the housemates voted, with six of them using the diary room as a makeshift polling station and one voting by proxy.
Dean said: "I've never voted in a General Election. I've not found a party which represents my political views."
Helen told her housemates she voted Labour, but when asked for her reasons she said: "Oh that's a good question. I don't know really. I think they've done alright in the last four years. And I don't wanna vote Conservative 'cos they're all stuck up aren't they?"
Bubble said: "It's like picking the best of a bad bunch innit? Normally I'd vote Labour but in my area it's a wasted vote."
The other housemates who voted in the election chose to keep their political preferences to themselves.

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