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Saturday, June 09, 2001

8. I think red-heads are the sexiest people on the planet - TRUE...
I have a real weakness for red-heads, gingers and strawberry-blondes. All those freckles. Hmmmm. I've studied redheads a lot over the years and there are definite characteristics that seem to apply to all. Every now and agin you come across a 'best of breed’.
* Hair (obviously). Hair colour can range from fair strawberry blonde through strong ginger to a flaming rusty red. My favourite though is a light ginger biscuit coloured hair.
* Skin. Redheads have pinky white skin. They can suffer from poor skin quality from sun damage due to low melanin levels. Redheads tend to stay out of the sun, avoiding hot holiday destinations and often have a bottle of moisturiser or two in the bathroom cabinet. Along with the pink skin they often have pink ears, ginger pubes and pink willy. Brazilian and Italian redheads don't suffer the same skin problems as their paler brothers and sisters as they generally have more melanin.
* Eyes. Eye colour can vary from bright green through to aquamarine or dark blue. Often redheads have very interesting eye colour combinations e.g. green with a gold rim or blue with an orange rim.
* Freckles. Thoroughbreds will have large distinct markings all over the body. Especially concentrated on face, shoulders, back and arms. Superlative specimens can have freckles that join together to form large leopard like freckles on the back and shoulders. These are known as 'best of breed'
Know a redhead? Send me a picture.

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