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Friday, June 15, 2001

1983 is now 18 years old...
Mattee asked on his web site what myself, Ian or David were doing eighteen years ago as he happened to be in London at that time. David it appears was peering into gay bars. Funnily enough so was I.

Well I was twenty-one at the time. Still at university. Going through a very painful breakup with my first (male) romantic interest. After a year of sleeping together he decided he was straight (the bastard). As we were sharing a room it became very awkward. I escaped by visiting London whenever I could. I looked up in Gay Times where the gay bars were. The nearest to Kings Cross was the Bell and the Euston Tavern. Both fantasic places. First time I walked into the Bell was to see a sea of poofs and dykes dancing to the Human League - I knew I was 'home'.

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