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Sunday, June 03, 2001

3. I've got a bottle of whiskey with my name on it behind a bar in Tokyo - TRUE...
About ten years ago part of my job was to set up International offices. I set up three in Singapore, New York and Hong Kong. Lots of foreign travel. All very glam. During one of these jaunts I managed to wangle a trip to Tokyo. I was only there for ten days but I saw a lot and will remember it forever. Tokyo is a fantastic city. So much going on. I stayed in a hotel opposite the Forbidden City. The people in our Tokyo office seemed quite taken with me (we still keep in touch). They took me out to sushi restaurants, karaoke bars and once (surprise, surprise) to a Lady-Boy club. Apparently the tranditional Japanese thing to do in clubs is to buy a bottle rather than individual drinks. So sure enough I bought a bottle of whiskey and had my name put on it; 'Jonathan Saudi Sam'. Whether this bottle buying was a bit of a con or not I don't know. We only drank half of it. As we left they said they would keep the bottle safe behind the bar indefinitely. Another con? Who knows? So as far I am aware it is still there. And no, I didn't cop off with a Lady Boy. Not that time anyway...

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