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Sunday, September 02, 2001

That's big of you...
Tory party leadership candidate Iain Duncan Smith has indicated that if he wins, he would consider repealing Clause 28, a law which stops councils from promoting homosexuality. He said in the Sunday Telegraph today, "Clause 28, I accept, has about it a totem that identifies the party with hate and dislike of people. It is about saying to a group in the community `we actually rather dislike you.'" Oh, so you're not worried about poofs then, IDS? Just what people think about you. How nice.

IDS, you are a fucking hypocrite. You've consistently support C28. What's changed? Oh, I know. You're up for a chance to be leader of the Tories.

Well IDS we actually rather dislike you and we actually rather dislike your party. I hope you lose the election and I hope your party never gets back into power again you homophobic wanker.

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