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Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Billie Ray Martin...
It was good time for music in the capital last night. We could have gone to see Gary Numan at the Shepheard's Bush Empire or Bjork at the Coliseum. But we plumped for Bille Ray Martin at the Jazz Cafe.

Darren, Jim, Ian, David, myself and my date (name withheld for the moment) all headed of to Camden. Great company, great show. BRM is a kind of Elvis impersonator. She adorns her band with toy Elvises, she has an big full colour Elvis tatoo on her left arm and she plunders the Black rhythm and blues heritage with the same sense of style as The King. And as was said of The King, 'there is a black person in there trying to get out'.

It was nice to bump into Martin there. I hadn't seen him in yonks. Following on from that it was funny to find out that Darren and I know even more people in common than I'd realised. Funny because Darren and I only met so recently.

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