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Saturday, September 15, 2001

Ab Fab (the 3rd week review)...
This week's episode was called 'Paris'. It was a rather poor affair again I'm afraid. The 'plot' such that it was involved Patsy going to Paris to take part in a photo-shoot using 'old' and 'new' models. Of course she is completely over the hill and everyone knows it. She shows herself up at every turn. Eddy and Saffy and Bubble go along too. Eddy and Saffy eventually get bored of the preparations for the shoot and go to explorer the delights of Paris. They take part in a fairly sweet bonding session of shopping together, dining out together and doing the sort of things that Patsy might do with Eddy if she wasn't so busy on her photo-shoot - by busy of course she's getting pissed and trying too hard to look 60s glam. The particularly touching scene with Eddy amd Saff is when ordering food in a posh French eatery Saffy orders in French. Eddy is stunned and genuinely proud. Naturally she goes on to ruin the moment:-
Eddy: "Say something else in French, darling"
Saffy: "Oh, Mum. I can't. Stop embarassing me"
Eddy "Go on, darling, it actually makes you sound interesting!"

Sadly there were no great belly laughs. Just a few amusing scenes like the one mentioned above. The ending was perhaps a little predictable too given the copious hints during the show (I won't give it away here).

Shame that we are half way through the run (they only make runs of 6 shows in a run in the UK unlike 13 or 26 in the US) and it doesn't seem to have hit it's stride yet. Here's hoping next week with be better.

Strangely this week Will & Grace was quite funny. They got a dog. Hilarity ensued.

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