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Friday, September 21, 2001

Eastenders has been fab all this week. There have been two separate story lines - both away from Albert Square. In the first, Steve Owen and his gang have been planning a robbery. There's been parties, strippers, flashy apartments and the high life. Gosh it looks glam to be an East End gangster. Maybe you kids should try it.

In the other story line Asif and Martin have been to sunny Soho in search of beer and girls - and to blow Asif's £180 of reading list money his Uncle gave him. Sure enough they found what they were looking for. Underage drinking, strip club, wild party - they did the lot. Gosh it looks glam to go to Soho. Maybe you kids should try it.

Strangely enough both story lines had gay characters in them. One of the crooks in the first plot line was gay - with a young, cute, stripped-to-the-waist house boy to boot. Yum, yum.
Eastbenders houseboy
And the other story had Martin playing pool with a lad, Craig, who turned out to be gay and made a pass at him at a party later on. Martin reacted badly but was soon calmed down. They ended up being firm friends.
Craig tries it on
Gosh it looks glam to be gay. Maybe you kids should try it.

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