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Friday, September 21, 2001

Ab Fab (the 4th week review)...
This was the worse one this season so far. It bordered on boring. It was called "Donkey". Having a meal in The Ivy with friends Patsy tells Edina that relationships only work if one partner is a 'racing horse' and the other one is a 'donkey'. Eddy says she wants to be a racing horse but her friends tell her, "you can't be a racing horse - you're too fat!"

So Eddy's goes on a diet, sorry I mean, a detox. She keeps a video diary and starts a boot camp style excercise regime.

At one point she gets so tired she falls asleep on her bed and has a vivid dream. In her dream Marianne Faithful plays God and sings 'The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan'. The high point of the show.

A small plot line is Patsy at her magazine. When talking about a launch party her advice is: "Cocaine. Lines inside mean lines outside"

Bizarre line of the episode is from one of Saffy friends: "The snail had his own trailer". Don't ask.

Eddy eventally gets desparate about her situation and can only explain her size because she, "once got stuck on an eating loop at Yo Sushi!"

She is just about to give up the detox completely when she discovers a lump on her arm. A muscle. That spurs her on anew. The detox finished she is slimmer and sporting a little black dress heads off to meet her dining chums once again.

But her friends still think she's fat! So she gives up and starts eating trifle. Like we care.

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