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Sunday, September 09, 2001

Life On A String...
I got up early this morning and left Mark sleeping... peacefully. I wanted to listen to 'Life On A String'. Laurie Anderson's new CD. Laurie Anderson is coming to town in a few weeks and I wanted to get really... you know... familiar. With her. Again.

Whenever I find myself. Writing. Or talking. About Laurie Anderson. I find myself putting in punctuation. At odd. Places.

Write your own manifesto. That would do.
Just make sure you use a pencil
So you can always get it... you know... right.

When you fly, to feel safe you should carry a bomb. The chances of one bomb on a plane is pretty remote. But the chances of two bombs are astronomically high. So if you carry a bomb on a plane you're much less likely to be taken hostage or blown to little... pieces.

Freedom is a scary thing
Not many people really want it.

It's like at the end of a play and all the actors come out and they line up and they look at you... and horrible things have happened to them during the play and they stand there while you clap and now what? What happens next?

Now I'm thinking. And listening. At the same time.

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