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Friday, September 14, 2001

Open letter to NYC bloggers...

Dear All

It must be weird to have lots of people call you up and e-mail just to say, "are you alive?" and "are you OK?". Even days afterwards - when by now we know you're alive and we know you're OK. Please forgive us.

With each passing hour we get further reports from New York on the tragedy. The feeling of helplessness, uncertainty and doubt that this creates spurns us to check and recheck with our friends. We can't quite believe what has happened and we can't quite believe you are all OK.

You have lived through a terrible thing. The worst act of terrorism the world has ever seen. You may be feeling lucky that you have escaped unharmed. But don't get survivor's guilt. It's you and people like you who will rebuild the city's community, rebuild the connections to the outside world through your blogging, carry on and reshape the future of your city. Show us all that there is hope for New York.

You are all brave people and I salute you.


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