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Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Pop Quiz...
What a fun (but tough) quiz it was at the Retro Bar last night. Not quite all the usual suspects were there - David cried off ill, poor lamb (get better soon!). So we sported a team of the sage-like Ian, the sober Darren, the animated Tony and my aged good self. Cheerleaders for the evening were Scally and Davo who with a bit of persuasion and a small injection of zerocrop formed a team of their own. We all gathered round the central high table and set to it.

The quiz was all cover versions. Easy you might think. But not easy enough for us. We got fifteen out of twenty-one and a half. The winners got sixteen and a half (and the cash - £87).

First we heard 'The Tide Is High' by Billie (we thought it was Emma Bunton!) but who did the original? We got that one right (and a bonus half point for the real answer too!) Next were four covers versions of Depeche Mode tracks and we had to put the DM versions in the correct order of single UK release. We got it right but can you?
A. Never Let Me Down - Smashing Pumpkins
B. Shake The Disease - Hooverphonic
C. Master and Servant - Locust
D. Stripped - Ramstein

Then we had three tracks and we simply had to say whether they were 'original' or 'cover'. We got them right, can you?
1. I Think I'm Alone Now - (that Tiffany hit but this wasn't Tiffany singing it)
2. 'They Don't Know' - Kirsty MacColl
3. 'Jackie Wilson Said' - Dexy's Midnight Runners
The following round was three Euro hits and all we had to do was recognise the language. The Millionaires' "Fantasy Island" [in Dutch], Petula Clark's 'Please, Please Me' [in French] and some weirdly named band singing 'Downtown' [in Serbo-Croat]. Ian correctly pointed out that our answer of Yugoslavia should have got the full point for that last one but we held our peace.
Next we had two bands doing covers of TV themes Five doing 'Inspector Gadget' and The Ramones doing 'Spiderman'.

Next were four covers versions of Duran Duran tracks and we had to put the DD versions in the correct order of how high they got in the UK charts starting with the highest. Any idea?
A. 'Hungry Like The Wolf' - Real Big Fish
B. 'The Reflex' - Less Than Jake
C. 'Ordinary World' - River Fenix
D. 'View To A Kill' - ?

Then we had two tracks from the Coneheads soundtrack:- k.d.lang & Andy Bell doing 'No More tears (Enough is Enough)' and Morton Harket doing 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You'.

The most popular round of the night was the ABBA thrash round. We heard three trash metal versions of ABBA hits 'Money, Money, Money', 'Voulez-Vous' and 'Eagle' and we simply had to name them.

The 'what happens next' round was to write down the first 18-words of Erasure's 'A Little Respect'. We got FOUR words wrong! Eeeks! Can you do any better?

The 'spot the connection' round was 'A Hard Day's Night', 'Hide Your Love Away' and 'Step Inside Love' - we got it right. Can you? Bonus point was to know that the first track was sung by Goldie Hawn.

The final round was to identify who had the original hit in the UK with:-
1. 'If I Can't Have You' - Kim Wilde
2. 'I will Always Love You' - Sarah Washington
3. 'This Is It' - Danni Minogue
And to guess the year all these covers came out. We actually got it right! Can you?

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