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Sunday, September 16, 2001

Star Trek Night...
On BBC2 tonight is an evening devoted to Star Trek. After we get back from my niece's 9th birthday party this afternoon I shall be in need of a stiff drink. What better way to unwind than to put my feet up to enjoy the delights of one of my favourite cultural phenomena?

19:30 Star Trek Night
Jonathan Ross celebrates the 35th anniversary of Star Trek, going behind the scenes and interviewing key actors. Plus a feature film and the chance to vote for your favourite captain's episode to be shown later in the evening.

I don't know if JR is the best one to start this evening off - but as he seems to have been taken on by the Beeb to be their generic film/pop cultural attaché I guess he will have to do. He is a fan so the jokes may (!) be kept to a minimum.

19:35 From Enterprise To Franchise
Star Trek actors, writers and producers help explain the phenomenon of how the cult 60s series grew into the world famous multi million dollar franchise, with an ever growing army of fans.

There have been 600 episodes and nine films so far. And let's face it a ridiculously huge amount of merchanise.

20:10 Make It So
Rubber aliens, mini skirts and home made special effects. We go behind the scenes to ask just how the tricks are done and commemorate photon torpedoes, tricorders and the 24th century bra.

There have been quite a lot of good special effects in Star Trek over the years. My favourite is the entry of the Borg Queen in First Contact as her head and spinal column float down to her body.

20:35 Trials And Tribble-Ations
An introduction to the classic episode in which the DS9 crew go back in time to join Captain Kirk and his team as Lieutenant Uhuru acquires a cute, cuddly, cooing creature known as a tribble.

I've never actually seen this episode. I rather lost interest in DS9 after the start of season 5. Shame on me as this is a classic.

20:40 Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Trials And Tribble-Ations: In pursuit of a vengeful Klingon intent on killing Kirk, the DS9 crew go back in time and try to blend in. Meanwhile Uhura acquires that cuddly tribble, and chaos ensues.

I shall be glued to my set.

21:20 Warp Factory
From the phasers, transporters and warp engines of the original series to the plasma conduits and microfusion of the 24th Century, we boldly explore where Star Trek can go next.

The 'science' of Star Trek still fascinates. It's what the whole £22 billion 3G mobile phone spectrum auction was all about - trying to make a two-way communicator with video just like in Star Trek.

21:55 Viewers Vote Winning Episode
The favourite Captain's episode voted for by viewers. Choices are: 'City On The Edge Of Forever', featuring Captain Kirk, 'In Theory', featuring Captain Picard, 'Far Beyond the Stars', featuring Captain Sisko and 'Counterpoint', featuring Captain Janeway.

I love COTEOF - so it will be getting my vote. Joan Collins as a smoldering temptress is a joy.

22:40 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
The crew return to Earth from self imposed exile on Vulcan, to discover a probe causing the planet's destruction. Spock surmises that only the extinct humpback whale can help to save Earth [1986]. W/S

Cheesey but fun. Star Trek going back to modern Earth is always a bit of a hoot.

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