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Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Do you take requests..?
It's not my birthday until next week but today I got my first birthday card. It was from my ex-boyfriend's mother. Paul and I stopped seeing each other almost ten years ago but his mother Veronica still has a soft spot for me. We three used to sit on her sofa in her house in Warrington and laugh ourselves silly. We'd laugh at each other's jokes, laugh at whatever came on the TV and laugh at nothing at all. We used to have such fun. One time we all got roaring drunk and found ourselves down at Warrington's Gas Work's Social (20p to get in, beer at 82p a pint). On stage was a terrible Elvis impersonator with an electric organ murdering one classic after the other. After half an hour Dutch courage got the better of me and I went up on stage and asked him if he took requests. Yes, he said. Which of The King's songs did we want to hear? None of them, I replied. Sing some Kylie. So he did. He knew them all and gave us a medley! We pissed ourselves.

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