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Friday, February 06, 2004

Scissor Sisters at the Scala...
The perfect moment that captures last night was Marky (yes, Marky, hard to impress Marky, who normally stands at the back of gigs and pours scorn on my fickle enthusiasm each time I gush about 'the best live act I've ever seen') dancing and singing at the top of his voice along to the Scissor Sisters's Better Luck Next Time with a huge smile across his face.

Last night Simon, Paul, Emma, special-guest-I'm-not allowed-to-mention, Marky and I met up in Sahara Nights (the old Bell) for pre-gig cocktails quite early. Rumour had it the support act for the Scissor Sisters would be worth listening to. Good thing we did because Syntax were really quite good in a Depeche Mode kind of way. Like us, the crowd was pretty appreciative. Why, we even swayed a bit.

But later when the Scissor Sisters burst on the stage for their hour long set the crowd went completely mental. As the Scissor Sisters thundered through their songs with such a high level of energy it was exhausting just to watch. Not that we just watched mind you. We sang, we danced, we rolled, grooved and rocked. You just can't stand still when so much power is being dissipated on stage. Even our special-guest-I'm-not allowed-to-mention was moved to sway a bit.

A few new songs blended seamlessly into a set list which otherwise stuck fairly firmly to last Saturday night's running order. Musically the high point of the evening was a tie between Comfortably Numb and the encore Music Is The Victim.

As the gig drew to a close the six of us were all willing there to be more. But the lights came up. It was over. Suddenly we were all talking at the same time saying what a great show it was.

Why even Marky gushed, "That was the best live act I have ever seen". Praise indeed.

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