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Monday, February 23, 2004

Gaydar Radio Launch Party at Heaven...
We had freebies to go - but didn't - to the Gaydar Radio (Annual?) (Re)Launch Party at Heaven last week. We'd gone to the first one a few years ago - where I got very drunk and tried pathetically to chat up one of the guys who runs Gaydar (Mark was standing next to me the whole time saying, "What exactly do you think you're doing?" Oopps!)

Anyway, as I say, we didn't go to this latest bash. And good job too. The only reason to have gone would have been to see Alison Goldfrapp do a DJ set. And judging by a letter Disco Damaged got it didn't go down too well.

"...the Dance part of the evening got off to a good start with the sexy GaryH, he played a cool funky set that kept the dancefloor busy, a little too slow for me but the punters liked it. This was followed by the worst set I have ever witnessed in any club anywhere, Alison Goldfrapp played whatever she liked and F**k the floor, which is what she did, she threw disks onto the decks without a hint of mixing or continuity or any attention to sound levels, the only thing that can be said in her defence was that her pregnant mate seemed to be doing the decks while she stood by snarling at anybody that went near the DJ box. She managed to clear a full dancefloor and fill the bars, This was 'rescued' by RichB who managed to drag everybody back from the bars to a pumped up full on set full of great floor fillers, just what was needed !! At the end of the night there was a stream of people at the DJ box door congratulating Rich on his set and the fact he managed to pull it off. Why a DJ like RichB isn't on a major dancefloor in Vauxhall is beyond me."

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