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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!...
Things are bubbling along very nicely in the jungle on IACGMOOH. Mike Read is out. Diane Modahl is out. Peter Andre is babbling like a mad man: "I hate feet. What good are feet?" Er... for walking, Peter? Jenny Bond is favourite to be next out. John Lydon is favourite to win.

Talking of which, the best bit of last night's show was John Lydon's reaction to surving the eviction vote.

On live TV is shouts: "FUCKING CUNTS!" Priceless!

For a split second Ant or Dec were going to laugh and then suddenly it was all, "We are very sorry for that. It's a live show. We are incredibly sorry."

It was almost as good a moment as seeing Janet Jackson's boob on live TV (see below).

UPDATE THURSDAY: It seems it was Razor who has been edged out - and John Lydon has walked off the set. Currently in a hotel.

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