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Friday, February 27, 2004

Laptop vs. Desktop...
So you think you want a laptop? Below are a few thoughts I have about the pros and cons of laptop ownership compared to desktop ownership:

Portability - this is the main reason: you can work on the road, at meetings or at home
Personal choice - desirable objects; some kudos; you can choose were you sit and it gives you a sense of freedom

Lower power - the processors are designed to run slower so they don’t drain the batteries
Slower hard disks - they are built smaller and to stand knocks
More expensive to buy - the mobile components are more expensive
Heavy to carry - all but the very lightest are heavy (3kg+)
Physically less reliable - the knocks that laptops get can cause breakdowns
Smaller screens - typically 15" rather than 18" diagonal for desktops
Smaller keyboards - often with less keys too
Easier to be stolen / lost - they are desirable by criminals
Security risk - secrecy of business & personal data can't be guaranteed
Virus risk - if laptops are brought into the office after being connected to another unprotected PC or network off-site
Higher maintenance costs - due to the use of non-standard components
Higher support costs - remote support while on the road costs more
Fewer options - normally only a few peripherals are available
Propriety design - each manufacturer has it's own design; unlike desktops
Limited upgradeability - very few components can be upgraded (if any)


  1. Physically less reliable - the knocks that laptops UK get can cause breakdowns

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