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Sunday, February 01, 2004

A Cut Above The Rest...
Last night Matthew was throwing a birthday party in the only way he knows how. Fantastically. All the special and gorgeous were there and we had a great time. A few drinks, some nice chats, great nibbles and the odd flirt. What more could one want from a Saturday night out? What indeed. But even I know that when the Thompson Twins and Culture Club CDs start coming out it's time to start furtively looking at your watch.

I had planned to go to Duckie but within the space of 20 minutes was stood up by the four people I was going with - David (no not that David, nor that David but another one), Jason (no not that Jason, nor that one either but another one), Pete (Oz friend of Davie's) and Marky. They were respectively too drunk, had a better offer (Mr Hoist), too tired and it was too cold / wet outside. Ho hum.

Before long David (yes that David this time) and Ian persuaded me to go with them to The Cock Live instead which was at Crash. And I'm really pleased the did. Eventually.

We queued for an hour before getting in. I hate that - when clubs open later than they advertise and you're left in the cold. But while in the queue we were joined by Marco (David's er.. squeeze?) and Fabrizio though so things were looking up. As luck would have it just after we got in Pete texted me to say was I in Duckie? Fuck! So I dashed out (thankfully David suggested getting a pass-out) and met Pete fully expecting we were back on for Duckie instead. I was wrong. Pete was just saying hello as he was off to Action with some friends. We said our goodbyes. But thank God for that pass-out! I jumped the huge queue and was back in The Cock Live before they'd missed me.

It was only when we were in we got 100% confirmation of something that we had heard on the grapevine. My new favourite band, Scissor Sisters, were doing a secret gig. With a 'special guest'. David had texted me earlier with a quote from www.popjustice.com who had talked about 'what might easily be the greatest onstage collaboration of all time.' Bet's were on for either Neil Tennant, Marc Almond, Andy Bell, Pete Burns or Billy Ray Martin joining Scissor Sisters on stage.

There were two other live acts on first though: X-Lovers (tried a little too hard in that Transvision Vamp/Blondie style) and Ping Pong Bitches (good electro beats but a rather sub-Steve Strange stage presence). We then waited another hour for technical problems to be resolved and finally Scissor Sisters burst on stage. Raptuous applause. They did a 30 minute pumped up set (Laura (Simone), Take Your Mama Out, Skins, Comfortably Numb, amongst others) and stormed it. Full of energy and full of stories about doing Top Of The Tops the night before - God, they hate Westlife!

And when they finally came back for an encore we saw who their special guest really was. Why it was none other than Dead Or Alive's Pete Burns in all his fabulousness. He sang along to what was their final number Tits On the Radio. Fab. Fab. Fab. A perfect finale to what was a cut above a normal Saturday night out.

Can't wait to see them again at The Scala on Thursday.

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