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Monday, February 02, 2004

Afternoon Delight...
It was Luca and Stuart's 1st anniversary drinks yesterday. Coupled to this was the fact that the lovely Pete was over from Oz made going to Chill Out at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (a.k.a. RVT) an engagement I didn't want to miss. Marky was staying in to watch the match (back on top, eh, boys?!) and Paul was working so I was going alone. Fuelled by rumours (that proved to be true) at The Dame Edna Experience (a.k.a D.E.) was starting her show an hour earlier at 5pm I got my shit together a little earlier than usual and headed off down Vauxhall way with a full heart and Scissor Sisters on the MP3 player. I bumped into Luca and Stuart en route and I must say they do make a very attractive couple - congratulations boys.

D.E. did one of those shows that make you think 'she's too good for this place' - with memories of Wakefield and Chicken TV being particular highlights of his/her stand-up. Needless to say the singing was beyond compare as per. It put us all in the great mood. Except those who were stuck out in the pouring rain, of course. The RVT had ran out of green wrist bands so they wouldn't let them in for ages. The place wasn't even full. Bastards!

It was great to catch up with Pete, of course; that man is so lovely. And made all the more so as he introduced me to three other equally lovely people. First there was Ryan (Hi Ryan!) who claims to be a regular reader - so where's that comment Ryan, huh? Oh, did I mention he's as cute as a button? And then there was Claudia, a co-worker of Ryan, who is really sweet, a complete dynamo on the dance floor and one of the most attractive lesbians I'm met in years. To complete the Holy Trinity Pete introduced me to the gorgeous Josh - young, good-looking, got the smarts and friendly... what's not to like?! The great hunk of spunk.

Super sexy David and smoldering Ian were of course in attendance along with a gaggle of other chums - some of which I'm not seen for some time. Shuttling back and forth between various groups of friends passed the time in a most agreeable way. So agreeable in fact that I fear I may have actually taken my T-shirt off and danced like a loon at some point or other. Now if only Davie. Russ and Rich had been there too...

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight.

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