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Thursday, February 12, 2004

iPod battery life
Apple are being sued over iPod battery life. But it's not just the iPod though, is it? It happens to all devices that rely on built-in rechargeable batteries: they wear out (a vague memory from the back of my mind shouts the word 'hysteresis' at me). I suppose the only thing with Apple is, did they say the batteries would last longer than they actually do?

My first XDA had a built-in rechargeable battery and after 18 months you could tell it wasn't keeping the device juiced up as long as it used to. To swap out the battery for a new one would have required a return to base refit. Costing me God knows what. Luckily my new XDA2 has a user change rechargeable battery so you can simply swap in a new one in when it starts to lose it's capacity to hold it's charge. Must better idea.

Sony don't make any claims on battery life, as far as I'm aware, concerning my baby Network Walkman. That has a built-in rechargeable battery too. It just seems to go on and on. But I'm not fooling myself. As sure as eggs are eggs, it'll die like every other gadget. Rechargeable built-in batteries are a bummer.

"Gadgets using built-in batteries: devices where the obsolescence comes as standard".

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