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Saturday, November 02, 2002

A bridge too far...
Having had a good night's sleep we were up early on Friday to face whatever Sydney had to offer. And what it had to offer was fantastic. We booked ourselves on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. It was an exhilarating experience and if you ever come to Sydney it is a real must-do. Marky and I both suffer from vertigo to some extent but even we felt safe and secure - despite that nagging feeling that you might fall off any minute! The climb has relatively easy, the weather perfect and it was well worth the forty odd quid it cost.

In the evening we went round to Dave's for a beer or two and then headed off to Bear Night with a crowd of his friends. Having eaten nothing before starting a drinking session is, let's face it, the sort of thing an amateur drinker would think twice about, but not me, oh no. So within an hour I was practically paralytic and talking to any and everyone about any and everything. Apparently we went to another bar too and I got chatting to an Irish guy... an American guy... an Aussie guy.. etc etc. You get the picture. Today people are still reminding me of what I got up to but, dear reader, I am well advised to not repeat their plainly slanderous allegations here. I'm sure they're making it all up anyway.

Scally arrived today on the 'red eye' flight and we are all meeting up soon before going to the Aussie Stadium for the opening ceremony.

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