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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Ayers Rock...
On Tuesday we paid a flying visit to the Ayers Rock Resort. It was an incredible 24 hours - not unlike being on a film set. Sure the Rock itself and the nearby Olgas were amazing but the thing that sticks in the mind is the resort. Not unlike the film Westworld or perhaps even The Stepford Wives it seemed to be staffed by autotomatons. Happy, smiling robots that were only too happy to help - but there was evil behind those eyes, evil I tell you.

Our trip to the Olgas was cut short by a Mummy style sand storm that chased us up a valley and eventually blocked out the sun and almost choked us to death. An hour later we were caught in a terrific thunder storm - lightning, torrential rain, the works. The weather was, as they say, against us.

To be honest we were quite happy to leave.

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