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Friday, November 08, 2002

Black Party...
Yesterday, Thursday Oz time, we went to watch the basketball in North Sydney. Lots of jumping about and floppy shorts (hmmmm) - much more watchable than I had ever thought possible. Oddly (OK perhaps not that oddly) I'd always thought basketball as being (a) a mainly male sport, and (b) a mainly black sport (influenced by all those American sports programs we get to see on TV in the UK and films like 'White Men Can't Jump'). But from what we saw yesterday it was a sport that had a broad appeal across all sexes and all races. In fact though I thought I wouldn't like it much I was more than pleasantly surprised to find that it was both fun and quite engaging. Who knew? I might actually give it a chance in the future.

Later that night we found ourselves surrounded by 10,000+ leather-clad, rubber-wearing and/or virtually naked dancing boys at the Black Party in Fox Studios. Beefcake, slim-bods and bears a go-go. It was a male only space and boy did some people take advantage of that fact (ahem). Both the sheer size of the event and the enthusiasm that everyone was throwing themselves into the party were equally stunning. Sadly the thumping (music), throbbing (hot bodies) and drug influencing (light show) all got a bit much for me by about 2am so I headed home to rest my bones, ears and libido.

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