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Monday, November 18, 2002

Up at the crack of dawn today we set off on safari. Travelling up the coast through Port Douglas we headed for Cape Tribulation. Apparently Captain Cook had a tough time round these parts so named places accordingly... Mount Perseverance... Mount Despair... you get the picture.

After an hour's drive we found ourselves walking through Wet Rainforest (very different from the Dry kind, don't you know?). We took a cruise up a river to spot some more crocs, swam in a creek (rather nervously), had a slap up meal in the forest and finally arrived at the Cape where we found golden sand and the coral reef just 50m off shore - "where the rainforest meets the reef" or so it says in the guide book.

It was a long day (12 hours) so we're now back at the hotel for one last night. Tomorrow we fly to Ayers Rock until Wednesday when we go back to Sydney.

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