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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Mount Olympus...
Monday we went to the Olympic Park just outside Sydney to go and support Charlie in the swimming, watch some tennis and volleyball too. The pool where the swimming was taking place was an impressive size - but nothing compared to the how impressed I was with the swimmers themselves. Hundreds upon hundreds of lean, mean bods all freshed faced and bursting with energy. We spent hours watching them strut their stuff and show us what they could do in the water. Guy's friend Matt was in a relay team with our optician, David, and they won gold. Well done boys! The only slight down side to the swimming was the fact that as the Gay Games are inclusive by nature then that meant that anyone who wanted to enter a race could - no matter how bad they were. So there ended up being 51 (!) heats of ten swimmers in the 50m breaststroke alone - a marathon event just to watch. But it was a fun day. In the evening we had a drink with the lovely Russell, a friend from London, and popped into The Den. The way you do.

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