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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

What do Briton's do on average 149 times a year?...
Have sex, apparently. A poll by Durex has found adults in the UK have sex on average 149 times a year.

It works out at just under 2.9 times a week - making the UK the fifth most amorous nation out of 22 surveyed. The most lovestruck are the French who have sex 167 times a year, followed by the Dutch (158), the Danes (152) and Canadians (150).

The Global Sex Survey was compiled by using questionnaire answers from 50,000 people - 3,500 in the UK - through its websites worldwide.

Americans are more reserved than the British when it comes to sex, with the average adult claiming to make love 138 times a year, followed by New Zealanders (135), and the Spanish (121). Bottom of the list of 22 nations was Singapore where adults say they have sex 110 times a year.

Just under three-quarters of Britons fantasise about having sex with a celebrity, with Brad Pitt topping the list for women at 33% and Kylie Minogue the number one celebrity for men with 18% of the votes.

Other results from the UK section of the survey found 49% of men fantasise about sex with their best friend's partner. Fancy.

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