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Monday, November 11, 2002

A big finish...
Davie, Scally, Gary, Richard, Russell, David, Kevin, Marky and I went to Stonewall in the afternoon at about 3pm to start the serious business of getting plastered prior to the closing ceremony and farewell party out at Fox Studios. We got plastered all right. So much so we needed to go and have a lie down! About 5:30pm we went over to pick up R&R and co. from their apartment... [edited bit]

The closing ceremony was crap though. Just a bunch of boring speeches and thank yous that went on interminably. After about an hour we left to go back to out apartment to have a further kip and change.

At 10:30pm to stopped by in Charlie and Matt's apartment for a small party and then headed over to R&R's again to pick the gang up for a second time that evening... [edited bit]. As we approached Fox Studios the scene could best be described as a Gay Disneyland packed full of 15000+ people: two huge sound stages given over to dance halls and two other smaller (though still big by any one's standard) venues, a cinema (!), restaurants, shops, bars etc etc. All very impressive. We stayed there dancing until 6am. Marky even took his shirt off (love him).

After that I was ready for bed - where I stayed for the next day and a half (I only got up first thing Monday morning). Mark went on with Davie and Scally to The Shift. Those boys!

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