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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Melbourne Cup...
Yesterday, Tuesday, we headed out to watch the touch rugby. The sun was beating down and the sweat was pouring off the rugby players as they ambled around the parched grass in Centennial Park up the top end of Oxford Street. Touch rugby is quite a fast game (I'd never even heard of it before) as there are no scrums - all you need to do is touch the opposition player for them to have to give up the ball. A strangely camp thing to do. A bit like playing 'it' or 'tag'. We only stayed and watched for just over an hour as we were keen to get back to watch the Melbourne Cup in one of the bars in town at 3:10pm. The Melbourne Cup is the big horse race in the Australian calendar - equivalent to say the Grand National in the UK. The bar we went to was a gay bar but it was packed and there was free food, free champagne and competitions all afternoon. Naturally we threw ourselves into the spirit of the thing and one thing lead to another. I shall perhaps pass a veil over the rest of what happened yesterday afternoon and evening but suffice to say it was a late night, this morning I ache a little bit (but a nice ache) and I'm grinning endlessly. 'Nuff said.

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