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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Socialist Worker...
Every now and again there are a couple of people outside our tube station in the mornings shouting "SOCIalist Worker! Get your SOCIalist Worker" and selling the increasing comic-like newspaper of the same name. Not generally known for their sense of humour but generally good-natured these lefties are always happy to tease the champagne socialists (note the small 's') that inhabit Islington. This morning the boot has on the other (centre-left?) foot.

"How come the Government have billions for bombing Iraq but nothing for the fire-fighters?" proclaimed one of the ranting vendors waving a newspaper with a giant-fonted headline in our faces.

Mark remarked, "What? You mean you want the Government to start bombing the fire-fighters too?"

He smiled. We smiled. No doubt he'll have a witty rebuttal tomorrow morning.


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