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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Can't get to sleep tonight...
The theory goes: 'stay awake as long as possible to adjust to Oz time more quickly'. Some theory.

I've managed to stay awake thus far using a (not so unique) combination of stimulants: eating, drinking, shopping and casual sex. But I'm now flagging badly. The fatigue is actually beginning to drive me slightly mad. Proof, if proof were needed, being provided by recent trip to the record shop produced purchases of such dodgy CDs as The Donna Summer Anthology, Enigma's Greatest Hits and that ruddy Ketchup song. God, I must really need sleep badly.

And final confirmation of my poor state of mind from lack of sleep came when Mark returned from going out to buy some diet coke. He came back to discover me dancing on the coffee table with Las Ketchup blaring out at full volume. Lordy. I was even seeing Ketchup bottles dancing up there with me. He managed to talk me down eventually and into bed babling about ketchup.

Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing, my friends, and the delirium it produces takes many weird forms. Just say 'no'.

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