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Friday, October 11, 2002

Bluetooth finally puts down roots...
Momentum for Bluetooth is building as Microsoft and other mainstream suppliers incorporate the short-range wireless technology into their products ranges. An interim release of Windows XP will have it built in from the end of the year and an automatic download will be available this month. Apple has added support to Max OS X. IBM have put it in their ThinkPad X30. HP in the Desktop 450 printer and Palm has it in their new PDA. Volkwagen are even planning on putting it in the dashboards of their cars for use with mobile phones. And Tefal have a plan to use Bluetooth to allow kitchen saucepans let you know when food is cooked by making your phone beep. A sort of high tech egg-timer. I wonder if they'll get PANned? PANned?! Geddit?! PAN? Personal Area Network - PAN. No? Oh well, suit yourselves.

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