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Friday, October 18, 2002

Busy, busy, busy...
I had an early morning meeting with one of our consultants yesterday. And then a four hour meeting with BT. And then another one hour meeting internally with my boss. I then had all my normal daily work to catch up on. It turned into a 12 hour day at work in the end. And when I got home the plumber due on Tuesday came round to try and fix a leaky tap. But he couldn't. So he's back on Sunday.

This morning I got up early and had to rush down to the Islington Council offices to get a parking permit for the new car. £95 for the privilege of parking outside my own flat, thanks very much. I also had to phone for another plumber to come this morning to fix our combination boiler as it's on the blink. £85 per hour + materials + VAT - we'll see how much that little lot costs.

And I'm meeting my parents, aunt and brother for lunch too. And picking up the new car today.

It's all go.

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