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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Those first impressions...
We arrived in Sydney this morning (i.e. Thursday) at 6:20am after a couple of very long flights (stopping at Singapore to take on fuel and dispel the 12 hours of passenger farts). Weather here is warm, sunny and well disposed. Rather like the people. The place we are staying is right in the middle of the gay area (Oxford Street) and a couldn't be nicer. We found our apartment quite easily in fact - just followed the trail of rainbow flags. We've probably got one of the best suites in the place actually - we're on the 14th floor with a commanding view of the city. Dave very kindly put us up for a while after our arrival while we got our hotel room sorted and gave us many pointers for places to visit and things to do. He is such a nice man.

At the moment I am fighting to stay awake (it's about 11am) but the sight of the semi-naked beefcake walking up and down Oxford Street and the fact that all 82 members of the various UK Swimming teams are all staying in our apartment block might just be the stimulant I need. No worries (as they say endlessly here).

More later.

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