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Friday, October 04, 2002

When two bloggers collide...
This afternoon Rog and I are going up to Brum for the weekend. I'm hoping to get the 15:45 train from Euston due to arrive at Birmingham New Street at 17:22 (like that will happen!). We're staying to the Ibis as we did last time - very classy (not!) - and tonight we'll probably just do a bar crawl (not doubt ending up at Boots).

I'll have quite a bit of free time over the weekend as Roger is going to be working at the NEC every afternoon at The National Wedding Show. When he's working I'll probably head off to some sauna, cinema or a bar - just to pass the time you understand. On Sunday though I'm going to go to the actual show - I want to try on one of those wedding dresses!

Actually Chig and I are talking about getting together on Saturday afternoon for a coffee/drink/very mini-blog meet. I'm quite looking forward to it as we have never met before. And if anyone else wants to join us let me know.... or send me an e-mail or something.

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