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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

What a Pong...
Ben and Sarah came over for lunch on Sunday. It was great to see them, as ever, but especially so because Ben had brought with him a recent eBay purchase of an old fashioned 1970s (?) Benatone video console. He'd bought it for just a tenner and before long we had it plugged in and where playing it with the same enthusiasm that we might have done 25 years ago - 'tennis', 'football' and 'squash'. The bat sizes could be switched to 'big' or 'small'. The ball speed to 'fast' or 'slow'. The angel of deflection to '20' or '40'. And the sound when you hit the ball was that oh so pleasing 'bing' noise. Ah how the memories came flooding back. Amazing how much fun you can get out of twisting one little knob. Missus.

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