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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Six Feet Under...
Six Feet Under just goes from strength to strength. Last night's was episode #8 in series 1 where brothers Nate and David decide to rent out a room in their funeral home to make some extra money. A line dancing class turns up - with (surprise, surprise) a gay dance caller, Kurt. There is a great scene later when Kurt and David go on their first date and are sitting in a crowded restaurant. Kurt gets straight to the point:
Kurt: So, David, are you a top or a bottom?
David: (nervously) Er, a what?
Kurt: (makes a poking gesture with his finger)
David: Oh. (in very small voice) I'm versatile.
Kurt: (smiling) A bottom? That's great. We'll get along just fine.
Very funny. And so true.

As a coda to this scene later on in the episode we get a quick flash of them in bed and Kurt says to David, "boy, you ARE versatile!"

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