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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Chase The Name...
I've just thought a good game. Perhaps it's been thought of before but I've never seen it. I call it CHASE THE NAME. You think of two famous names that share a common first name and second name. You then join the names together.

So "Boy George" + "George Michael" becomes "Boy George Michael"

You can then daisy chain another name on the end (or the beginning)

So "Boy George Michael" + "Michael Jackson" becomes "Boy George Michael Jackson" and so on.

You can't be too pedantic of spelling but the closer the better. You can work backwards or forwards.

The ones I've come up with so far are:-

Ben Elton John Boy George Michael Jackson Browne

Kiki & Herb Albert Gore Vidal Sassoon

Jacqueline Susan George Harrison Ford Prefect

Can you extend these or indeed think of any more?

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