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Monday, July 08, 2002

Pride 2002...
The Pride March on Saturday was great fun. Ian, Drew and I met in Soho Square and then sauntered down to Piccadilly Circus for a great view. We watched it for about an hour and then joined it down until the end in Victoria Street. And it was indeed the life affirming experience I was expecting. No to mention a great opportunity to catch up with old friends (and some new ones).

After the march we went over to Soho for an hour for what is now the de facto annual street party outside Comptons. After that we popped into the Marquis Of Granby near Trafalgar Square to bid farewell to Luke who is off back to Oz on Tuesday. And then on to Mardi Gras proper in Hackney Marshes via Stratford. And boy was it a long walk from the station. 45 minutes! When we eventually arrived we were somewhat pissed off - having been on our feet for 7 hours straight. It took a while to regain our Mardi Gras spirit (whatever that is) but after watching Five Star, Berlinde Carlisle and Human League we were well back in the party mood.

Overall a fun day, marred only slightly by the long hike to and from the party venue. The mayor, Ken Livingstone, got up on stage at one point and said that he'd put his full (and not inconsiderable) weight behind holding it in Hyde Park next year. Now that would be fun!

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