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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Our song...
Two songs bring me to tears. Tears of joy. Why? Because both are ‘our songs'. Songs that so completely remind me of Marky that for me that is all that they represent. Whenever I heard them I am consumed by the strongest of feelings. Waves of love and adoration overwhelm me and I am literally paralyzed with emotion. All I can do is simply beam with pleasure. And then the tears start to roll.

Marky and I have become much more sentimental since our Registration Ceremony last November hence both songs are quite recent. From experience I know you often can't choose the song that becomes 'your song' - it was maybe playing in the background when you first meet or on the radio when you make up after your first row. And some people have the most odd 'our song'. For instance Paul and I used to have Gold by Spandau Ballet (reason: it was stuck on repeat in the City Of Quebec the night we had our first date way back when).

So what are our 'songs'?

1. Corner Of The Earth - Jamiroquai
On your not-a-honeymoon last year in South Africa we played Jamiroquai’s A Funk Odyssey album pretty much constantly (the car we hired only had a simple tape deck and this was the only cassette tape we could find anywhere). Consequently the whole album has become completely engrained into our relationship. In particular the track Corner Of The Earth made us both weep with joy as we overlooked the spectacular southern coast of Africa holding hands. A moment we'll never forget.

2. Your Song - Elton John
The first time I heard Your Song back in the late 1960s/early 1970s I just loved it. But last year when Marky and I bought the sound track to Moulin Rouge (a couple of months before the film actually came out) we played it over and over again - loving the huge orchestral arrangement with Ewan MacGregor's emotional vocal. The track never fails to make me cry and it expresses my love for Marky so absolutely. At our not-a-wedding Wendy played the Moulin Rouge version at the end and we were both in floods of tears as we hugged and stumble-danced together. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.

Coincidentally both these songs are to be released as singles soon. Jamiroquai’s next Monday 8th July and Elton's for Sport Relief (using the Moulin Rouge arrangement) on 15th July.

Do you have an 'our song'? What is it?

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