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Monday, August 27, 2001

Sunday: Good day, bad day...
Good day: It's a Bank Holiday weekend so no work on Monday. Hurrah!
Bad day: Got a call. Had to work on Sunday instead. Pooh!
Good day: Got paid quite handsomely for my work - cash in hand. Fantastic!
Bad day: It rained all day so cancelled the plans to go to the Vauxhall Tavern after work.
Good day: Sod the rain, Marky and I went to Bar Code to get sloshed anyway.
Bad day: Got too sloshed too early. I must learn to pace myself.
Good day: In my drunken state I decided to enter Soho Pink Weekend Treasue Hunt.
Bad day: Had to sprint all over the West End hunting for clues from gay bar to gay bar and answering health related questions. Three stages of syphillis anyone?
Good day: I won first prize! Dinner/dancing and a cruise for 4 on a restaurant boat on the Thames and a crate of champagne.
Bad day: I was almost paralytic by midnight when I was meant to be on stage at Sound On Sunday collecting my prize.
Good day: Everyone else was paralytic too so that was OK!
Bad day: We got home at 1am and as we walked up to our front door there was a car crash in front of us. Four cars involved.
Good day: Luckily no one was hurt.
Bad day: Finally got in and there was a message on my machine to say I had to work today as well. So here I am.

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