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Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Let’s face the music and…
It was big money pop quiz last night at the Retro Bar. Needless to say we lost. But had a lot of fun doing so. David, Ian and myself faced the music. First round was a video clip of The Cult with Ian Astbury on lead vocals. Clearly spotted at the front of the audience was a punk DJ Lush. Then was Tall Paul remixing INXS. Easy so far. Then there was a round of punk acts. We got The Ramones, The Cure, The Boomtown Rats and PIL. But what we thought was X-Ray Specs was in fact the Au Pairs and what we thought was The Sugar Cubes was in fact The Slits. Oh well. Then we had the worst question of the night. It was Wham!’s ‘Edge Of Heaven’ as a what-happens-next poser. Well do you know what comes after ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah, La La La La La’? We thought we did. But we didn’t. Shame really as we had the right answer at one stage but crossed it out and for some bizarre reason Wendy gave two points for getting it correct. Then we had Sammy Davis Jr. singing the ‘Rhythm Of Life’ from Sweet Charity followed by three chill out tunes. Badly Drawn Boy, Faithless and Black Box Recorder. The chronology question was to put these four ABBA songs in there correct order of UK release. Being queens we got this easy. Can you?
A. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
B. Summer Night City
C. Ring Ring
D. Under Attack
Next was current releases. Should have been easy. But still we only got the first one right (Shaun? Where were you?) Depeche Mode's ‘I Feel Loved’, Groove Armada's ‘Super Styling’ and Missy Elliott's ‘One Minute Man’. The 70s round was easier. Even if we were only given one note as a clue. Slade's ‘Cuz I Luv You’, Mott The Hoople's ‘All The Young Dudes’ and David Essex's ‘Gonna Make You A Star’. The last round was early 90s Madchester bands. We got Inspiral Carpets but couldn't think of the song title (‘Dragging Me Down’), The Shamen's ‘Love Sex Intelligence’ and The Charlatans' ‘Weirdo’. The bonus was to get the year right. We got it wrong by one again. We put 1991 where of course it was 1992. Fifteen and a half out of twenty-two. The winner got twenty but didn’t win the cash. So next week it has to go. Why do we always enjoy ourselves more when we don’t win?

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