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Saturday, August 18, 2001

Friday night, Saturday morning...
I 'bumped' into my friend Charlie last night. It's ages since I've seen him and is was weird seeing him again. Dilwyn went to introduce us but as I told him, Charlie and I go back a long way. As the evening wore on Charlie started to confuse me a bit though. All that chat. Made me feel quite numb. Foggy brained. In fact I was pleased when he left and I had time to recover. Now I remember why I don't see him very often.

This morning Martin the window cleaner is coming on his monthly visit. Martin is ginger, tall and goodlooking. Sadly (for me) Martin is also straight. Gay-friendly but straight. This doesn't stop me waking up early and running round tidying the flat, polishing and cleaning. I'm such a queen sometimes.

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