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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Party, party...
I'm throwing a party next month. It's my 40th birthday so I thought I'd push the boat out and hire a bar in Soho. It's on a Saturday night and I'm planning on inviting all my friends to come and get legless at my expense. I've already thought of over 120 people to invite off the top of my head and I haven't even consulted my address book yet! Step one is to get some invitations made up. I want something fun and funky. Not too plain but not too twee. I've had some ideas of my own and a great suggestion from David. Shelved was the idea of a CD invitation of my favourite hits (not enough time to get them all pressed). Also scrapped was the idea of a pop quiz invitation - the answers to leading the party (not everyone knows pop trivia in such detail). I finally asked my once-straight Italian graphic designer if he would mind coming up with some ideas for me. He jumped at the chance as long as he could come to the party too (!). Deal done, he is currently beavering away in Photoshop armed with photos of me jumping around and mucking about and some rough idea of what I'm after. He's promised a full mock-up by tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait.

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